Became technical advisor at a highly reputed Canadian company


StrideBiz is a highly reputed SAAS company which is located in pune, India. StrideBiz is helping businesses to adopt new technologies and transform their businesses digitally.

They provide services like Chatbot development, mean stack development, IT consulting, MVP staff augmentation, custom software development, etc. However, they had no system in place to target corporates. They wanted to cut through the noise and so there was an immediate need to implement a customer acquisition strategy quickly.

Marketing Challenges Faced By StrideBiz!

StrideBiz operates in a very competitive market where many people provide similar services.

So it was crucial for our Team to understand what makes StrideBiz stand out and inform its Target audience.

And that’s where we come in!

To help bridge that 10cm gap from 2nd to 1st position

What We Did Initially

Leads ‘N Latte Team Identified and Laser targeted all the Mid-size management consulting, Fintech, Edutech, Market research, etc companies that best fit StrideBiz’s Ideal Customer profile. We then targeted the decision-makers at this sampled list of companies.

That Out Reached Their Performance

Our Team followed a very strategic approach which included 3 drip message funnels, focused on initiating conversation and then getting the prospects off LinkedIn – on a phone call

Leads ‘N Latte Team Glorified their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & achievements that improved their credibility in front of the potential customers.

Got Them Actual Business

Whenever StrideBiz’s prospects showed interest in their service, Mr. Sandeep was immediately notified via email which saved tonnes of time and a chance of losing a hot lead.

Also, Leadsheet was shared as part of our weekly campaign reporting which provided deep insights & a true picture of the campaign performance.

We Heard Everything Carefully & Went deep into their Business to Find out the Solutions

To avoid communication gaps which are often faced in agencies, as promised we had weekly strategy calls to review the campaign performance, find the scope of improvement & implement strategies.

As dedicated Lead Generation partners, we provided 24/7 support.

Built a successful campaign that was of utmost flexibility and tailor-made for StrideBiz’s unique needs. 

Achievements so far

Leads ‘N Latte Team generated highly qualified & well-informed Leads for StrideBiz.

Our Team also helped setting appointments with Leads who were interested that made the process completely hassle-free, without losing heat of the lead.

Besides, Mr. Sandeep also became technical advisor at a highly reputed Canadian company through Leads ‘N Latte ‘organic outreach’ Campaign.

Our clients love us. You'll, too!

Ready To Make Your Campaign A Real ‘Lead Rainmaker’?

It's OK, go ahead and ask.

Here are some compelling reasons from data of LinkedIn Statistics for your business to include LinkedIn in your Digital Marketing Mix :

LinkedIn Network currently has 310 Million Active Users

Business Marketing on LinkedIn generates 277% More Leads on Average than those Engaged in Facebook Marketing alone.

LinkedIn is Responsible for 80% of B2B Leads from social media platforms.

92% of Fortune 500 Companies Use LinkedIn.

Professionals in every business niche, at each level, view LinkedIn as a valid 

source of networking opportunities, credible and useful information

This is a lot left on the table! 

Yet businesses underutilize and misunderstand the power of LinkedIn. Consequently, its presence is merely left as an online representation of resume or to connect with existing people in Inbound Circle, which completely shut their eyes towards its Lead Generation Potential. 

We at Leads ‘N Latte Help Ambitious Businesses to Leverage LinkedIn and Email platforms at its full potential to target & engage your untapped ideal leads and increase your ROI.

Yes, We recommend using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional. 

It is a social selling platform by LinkedIn that provides an array of features, a powerful set of search capabilities, improved targeting and most importantly it removes the barrier of limiting 200 approx profile visits in a month. So we are able to leverage all the capabilities which help you to reach the right decision makers and build trusted relationships.

No, there are no long term agreements and boundations. 

We offer flexible monthly rolling contracts because we believe in customer satisfaction and mutual benefit.

Absolutely yes, all the content and Messages we would be Sending will be first Reviewed and Approved by you. 

All the Strategies, Methods Pertaining to your Lead Generation Campaign will be Customized According to your Preferences and Approach.

Undoubtedly Yes. 

We Refuse to Rely on  ‘Spray and Pray’ approach(send messages/mails out to as many people as possible (spray), and hope that it motivates some of them to buy their product or show interest in their service (pray) – without setting up metrics, such as conversion tracking, to measure campaign success and ROI)

Our Team Crafts and Sends Messages & Mails that are Hand Curated (not automated)  by our Expert Copywriters to your Targeted Audience on Your Behalf.

Normally the Acceptance Rate of such Personalized Scripts is much Greater than a Pool of Automated Messages which are Prone to get much Ghosted

Throughout the campaign, whenever any of your prospect shows serious interest in your product/ service offering you will be immediately notified via email so that you can connect with them without loosing heat of the Lead. If requested you can also avail notifications via whatsapp. 

It is also noticed if you engage with Lead within 24hours then it’s convertibility and customer experience increases.

Also, we provide well-managed Leadsheet which contains deep insights about the campaign which provides utmost transparency. Weekly strategy calls will also be held to analyze the data, discuss the campaign performance, stratigies to find scope of growth and it’s implementation for best results.

Leads ‘N Latte has launched hundreds of campaigns, which has allowed us to analyze mass amounts of performance data.

Our recent clients are achieving 40-50 qualified leads including D2C clients, collaborations and projects in 90 days. All with $0 Ad spend. These results might vary depending on your service offering and your target audience.

Definitely NO,

Often we notice, some of the competitors claim to send 1000s of connection requests per day on your behalf. Tempt as an opportunity to interact with more people, you end up in LinkedIn jail- suspension of account.  

We at Leads ‘N Latte send 400 connection requests per month (approved limit) to your most desirable prospects according to your ideal buyer persona.Besides connection request you can also leverage the power of 60 Inmails which lands directly into your ideal prospect’s inbox.

 So no chances of getting your account suspended by LinkedIn.

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